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    Video of the week

    Video of the week has been suggested by Oli Miller of our Sports team. There’s no sports relevance, it’s mainly because it made him ‘lol’. 

    From this Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, singer Christian Spridon’s thinks he’s time is up when the judge’s press David Walliams button for him.

    But guess who has the last laugh. David of course. Our mate, ambassador of British Gas SwimBritain, presses the GOLDEN BUZZER and Christian is taken straight through to the live shows!! 

    Cue, R Kelly, tears and Simon Cowell’s face of bewilderment. 

    You’re right Oli. It did make us ‘lol’.

    — 1 day ago

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    The Week That Was

    Fitting five days in to four is always a challenge, but add in the New York Motor Show and three international launches and then it’s an even bigger challenge. 

    TVC were in the big apple this week to play host at the New York Motor Show and also to announce Virgin Galactic and Jaguar Land Rovers new partnership. Blanket of media coverage across the World. But it doesn’t stop there… the team are off the Beijing today for their Motor Show. 

    Fear not, there’s always time for a beer… 
    Jenna and Hatti attended Wired UK’s 5th birthday bash with lots of lovely Heineken for guests to enjoy. Attached is an image of the lovely Jenna con mucho bottles of Heineken’s awesome aluminium ‘Club’ bottle. The bottle was created in collaboration with artist Matt W. Moore and displays bold, origami-like graphics in brilliant green and blues that glow in the dark.

    Right we’re off to sleep. Have a lovely Easter and we’ll see you next week. 

    — 1 week ago with 1 note

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    Check out our Heineken boys last night at Wired Magazines 5th birthday party #dapper

    Check out our Heineken boys last night at Wired Magazines 5th birthday party #dapper

    — 1 week ago

    Video of the week

    We have three for you today. All involving tears. Some from TVC staff members, some from a 40 year old man. 

    This has had the women of the office grabbing the tissues (and some of the men). A beautifully thought out piece from those guys at Unilever again. Dove the champion of women. The hero of the women’s brands… Dove. 

    We won’t ruin it for you but check out the piece below:

    Next up is a very clever video from the charity WWF who have boycotted the word ‘selfie’ and jumped on the Snapchat band wagon. #LastSelfie with the focus on endangered animals like the tiger, orangutan and Great Panda. 

    Only real men cry. Well that’s what was trending yesterday when a piece of footage was leaked of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Pharrell Williams on the success of his track ‘Happy’. Pharrell is so overcome he needs a moment. Or two. Check it out below. 

    — 1 week ago

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    The Week That Was

    It might have taken us till Tuesday to shake off our Cake induced comas, but it was just in time for one hell of a week at TVC.

    All through the week the British Gas team had been taking to the water for the launch of SwimBritain. There were a few familiar faces at the official launch on Wednesday, David Walliams, Ellie Simmonds and Becky Adlington… who also popped to the TVC studios for a flurry of radio interviews.Don’t forget to sign your team up at

    Whilst in the getting fit attitude, we also thought it was time to embrace the sunshine and head outside. A farm to be precise. A pop-up Farm in Canary Wharf! and Alex James (of Blur) sorted us out at the launch of Farm Hero’s Saga by giving us some handy tips on how to do some desktop gardening.

    And of course, there couldn’t be a Week That Was, without Lee Bassin. Check out the below when  Lee managed to get a cheeky snap with him….Until next week…

    — 1 week ago

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    Video of the week

    Excuse our language this week but this week’s video is by The Pilion Trust - Fuck The Poor

    Great shock tactics from The Pilion Trust charity to show how people will often express sympathy for those living in poverty – but in actuality fail to take steps to combat it by donating money. 

    Check out the video below:

    The moral of the story is harsh tactics are the only way to grab attention sometimes. Remember to donate! We have.

    To find out more about the Pilion Trust visit:

    — 2 weeks ago

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    TVC hits the bullseye and packs a punch with a new sports client, Betway

    Friday 4th April 2014 – The TVC Group have landed their selves a knockout win with betting giant, Betway Ltd.

    TVC have been brought on board to help activate both Betway’s title sponsorship of the WBA and IBF super-middleweight world title rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves on May 31st and their sponsorship of the Betway Premier League Darts 2014, the UK and Ireland’s biggest indoor sporting event.

    Betway was launched in early 2006 with the aim of providing its customers with world-class entertainment across the spectrum of sports betting, casino, slots and poker. As a leader in the online gaming industry, Betway is committed to providing competitive and superior customer service –support being offered in 17 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    In addition the brief sees TVC cover press office for Betway, with the agency remit covering both reactive and proactive campaigns designed to provide regular touch-points with the betting audience and raise the profile in a crowded market.

    Adam Clyne: “Betway is an exciting company and one of those brands that’s on every agency’s wish list. With two amazing sponsorships to activate we’re really excited about the future and going to some Darts events!”


    — 2 weeks ago

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    The Week That Was

    We’re always happy to support a worthy cause here at TVC, and if it means getting to stuff our faces then it’s most definitely a win win!

    And after filming with 80’s pop legend Paul Young a couple of weeks ago for the Children With Cancer charity, we were only to happy to host another of our famous bake sales today to raise money for the very same cause.

    Big hits were Selina’s Banofee Pie and Moira’s Apple and Olive Oil (you read that correctly) cake, and with a bit of luck we will better our previous bake sake fundraising record!

    In non-cake related news, TVC was rubbing shoulders with the stars this week in the glamorous surroundings of New York and the not-quite-so-glamorous-but still-rather-exciting location of the London Aquatics Centre.

    Hollywood stars Ed Norton, Rosario Norton and Stephen Baldwin were on hand to celebrate 90 years of Montblanc’s iconic Meisterstuck fountain pen, with the latter posing happily for a photo with our Leon, and what a dapper pair they are!

    Back in London, David Walliams and Ellie Simmonds stopped taking underwater selfies long enough to do some publicity photos for this year’s British Gas SwimBritain event.

    And after seeing the two stars of screen and pool gabbing away like long lost friends, to quote the late, great Humphrey Bogart, we think that this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

    And to quote Ron Burgundy, you stay classy, and we’ll be back next week!

    — 2 weeks ago

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    Cake! We love the cake #bakesale

    Cake! We love the cake #bakesale

    — 2 weeks ago

    And the bake sale is ON! @childrenwithcancer

    And the bake sale is ON! @childrenwithcancer

    — 2 weeks ago

    Video of the week

    Pinch punch, first day of the month. Technically it was yesterday but yesterday was a ‘special’ first day of month!

    Yesterday was the day where everyone goes a bit crazy! Including brands. April Fool’s Day. Now we won’t bombard you with all the stories (as there was SO many) but we’ll just show you what the big momma of online video, YouTube, got upto:

    Personally we think ‘Clocking’ is definitely going to catch-on.

    There’s nothing more embarrassing when you’re late for your flight and you have to navigate your way through the aisle with your duty free shopping bags, looking for your seat number. Imagine doing it while the whole cast if the Lion King is in full ‘Circle of Life’ mode. 

    Check out this video. It goes to show you that the ‘magic’ happens everywhere, captured, uploaded and receives over 2 million views in 24 hours. Amazing.

    — 3 weeks ago

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